Set of 10 Air-Aid Emergency Masks




This mask has activated carbon. It captures 99.9% of airborne viruses and other agents or dust. A gas mask is approximately 99.95% effective, whereas the N95 masks commonly used are at best 95% effective.
The Air Aid Mask was designed by a Professional Chemical Engineer that has worked as an expert in biological and chemical warfare. It uses proven technology with both bacterial and activated carbon filter stages.
Directions: Remove mask from package. Place mask on face with metallic strip over nose, pinching to form an air tight seal. Place the elastic loops over both ears. Used Air Aid Mask can be discarded in household or office trash.
Disclaimer: The Air Aid Mask should provide protection under normal conditions all day. In high concentration conditions, the Air Aid Mask may provide protection for a shorter period of time. The Air Aid Mask is not intended for long term use. Anyone purposefully entering a dangerous contaminated area should use a respirator or SCBA airpack as a minimum.


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