DayMark SafetyApplied Refillable Bodily Fluid Spill Kit




Style:Spill Kit

With the potential for illness outbreaks and bodily fluid spill incidents affecting restaurant chains, DayMark Safety Systems, in partnership with Public Health Innovations, has introduced the all-new SafetyApplied Spill Control Program. The comprehensive program offers a highly effective way for restaurants and other retail food service establishments to protect employees and customers from the harmful norovirus and other diseases. The SafetyApplied PPE Kit contains critical items needed to remove and neutralize the effects of a bodily fluid spill. The PPE kit includes a disposable apron, a disposable gown, a pair of shoe covers, three pairs of clear disposable vinyl gloves, a combination mask/face shield, an individual spill pad for blood spills, three yellow trash bags with ties, and three disposable towels. Also included with the spill control program will be a list of procedures that—when followed precisely—greatly reduce the risk of contamination.


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