2 Pack Child – Dechoker Anti Choking Device – Safe, Effective Anti Choke Suction Rescue Device – Excellent…




Size:2 Child

Choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional injury death. The Dechoker is an FDA class 1 medical device designed to prevent choking by powerfully dislodging blockage from the airway without causing harm. Unlike the Heimlich maneuver, this method can be self-administered. Protect yourself and your family today with the Dechoker. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Dechoker Anti Choking Device 

QUESTION: Why use the Dechoker over the Heimlich Maneuver

ANSWER: The Heimlich maneuver has been linked with a wide range of reported complications. These include frequent minor injuries such as retinal detachment rib fractures and incidental pneumopericardium to the rupture of the thoracic and abdominal organs. The Dechoker is much safer. 

QUESTION: The tube on the infant Dechoker looks too big. Is this the case? 

ANSWER: Dechoker device is not recommended for neonatal (or infant) use. Devices are available in three sizes (Toddler, Child, and Adult). 

QUESTION: Does it hurt the patient when a Dechoker is used? 

ANSWER: The Dechoker is designed such that it does not hurt the patient. 

QUESTION: When you push the plunger in does it force air into the patient? 

ANSWER: No. The architecture of the device is such that no air is forced into the patient. A cross slit valve disallows any air from entering the mouth. Air only enters the cylinder through the tube that goes into the mouth and can only go out through the cross slit valve. 

QUESTION: Why are they not carried on ambulances? 

ANSWER: Effort is underway to make Dechoker the standard of care. Due to wide interest, it is anticipated that the Dechoker will be used in ambulances and other care channels. So what are you waiting for? 



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