Add Some Clutter-Free Color to Your Life (and Living Room) with This Chic Home Accessory


We’re always on the hunt for that jack-of-all-trades home decor piece. You know, the one that instantly gives your place a little face-lift while also providing some crucial function on the sly.


Our current fascination — decorative baskets — does just that. Available in a range of fabrics, shapes and colors, these storage workhorses are the most stylish solution to whisking away clutter and tidying up spaces, large and small.


The decorating possibilities are endless:

Missing a linen closet? Keep extra sheets and towels in cute, oversize containers (Tip: group bedding sets together so you can grab them easily).

Add visual interest to book-lined shelves by replacing traditional bookends with matching mini baskets that keep notebooks, pens and other small items within easy reach.

If your coffee table is spilling over with chaos, stack glossies and fashion tomes into a woven bin to give your living room some textural dimension.

You can even use these versatile multitaskers as chic planters — and totally convince your friends that you have a green thumb.

Now all you need to do is pick one out. Or if you’re like us, just start collecting them to use in every room of your house!

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